COVID-19: The Contents Specialists is taking proecautions to keep our communities and workers safe in these unusual times. For those concerned about COVID exposure, The Contents Specialists offers a professional grade disinfectant application that is EPA Certified for both residential and commercial property.
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Pack Out

The Contents Specialists properly inventory, package, move and store your belongings to ensure your personal property incurs the minimal amount of damage during your loss.

Contents Cleaning

Our Cleaning Specialists are trained and knowledgeable of the various types of content materials and the cleaning procedures appropriate to the environmental influence that affected them.

Contents Inventories

During the damage analysis, home item inventory, pack-out and reset stage of our service; our Inventory Specialists obtain photo documentation, digital inventories and create a TLI (Total Loss Inventory) for your non-salvageable items.

We Put Your Life Back Together

Professional Pack-Out Services

Contents Cleaning, Contents Repair and Storage

Has your property been damaged by a flood, fire, mold or smoke? Do you need the contents of your property professionally inventoried, packed up and stored in a safe and secure facility? We specialize in handling the items inside your home, business or office during the stressful restoration period. Don’t hesitate! Call today!

Our Services Include:

  • Professional and Concise Inventory of Contents
  • Pack Out and Moving Services
  • Specialized Cleaning and Decontamination of Contents
  • Contents Repair and Restoration
  • Secure Contents Storage
  • Thorough and Accurate Pack-Back and Reset Services
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