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Pack-Outs & Pack-Backs

When we remove the contents from inside your home or business it is called the pack out process. In order to ensure that none of your contents get furthered damaged during the restoration process it is best to store them at one of our safely secured, off-site storage facilities. We guarantee all of your contents will be safely transported to our facility, and we will photograph, document, and package all items in an organized manner. Our pack out specialists take extra time to label all items by their original location in the claim-site so they can be easily be placed back in their proper positions once the all restoration has been completed.

Your role in the pack-out process:

  1. Sign our pack-out authorization form.
  2. Identify items you may need right away like clothing. These items may need to be cleaned on the spot so you can use them immediately.
  3. Identify any items you need to keep in your possession
  4. Assist with “restore versus replace” discussions, especially regarding family heirlooms and other irreplaceable items.
  5. Make yourself available on site for pack-out and for the pack-back of your possessions.

The Contents Specialists will:

  1. Coordinate all contents related activities with your insurance provider.
  2. Separate any items that will not be packed-out, including items that will not be restored.
  3. Pack, provide general inventory and transport your belongings to a secure facility. We will provide you a copy of the general inventory.
  4. Perform cleaning, restoration, and deodorization at our secure storage facility.
  5. Provide recurrent communication regarding the progress of your contents restoration.
  6. Arrange for the pack-back of your contents once restoration and reconstruction is complete.

Professional Pack-Out & Pack-Back Services


A Pack-Back is when our specialists return all items back to their original position at the original claim-site. Using photographs and carefully detailed notes, we will place all contents back into their pre-loss positions. You wouldn’t even know they were ever moved!

Using these industry-leading pack-out and pack-back processes, procedures and technologies, we provide complete and professional restoration, cleaning, and storage of contents. We understand going through a flood or fire is a difficult time as families and business owners and we try and make the restoration process less stressful. We are committed to working directly with you and your insurance provider to help minimize loss, downtime and stress as we work to quickly and efficiently clean and restore your contents.