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Total Loss Inventories

A Total Loss Inventory is a list of Non-Salvageable items that is generated after a water, fire, smoke, mold or asbestos loss. The insurance company has agreed to provide “like-kind and quality” for items that are damaged, and if the items affected were not able to be restored to Pre-Loss Condition, the insurance company will pay for those items and salvage them. The Total Loss Inventory is created by The Contents Specialists then sent to the Property owner to provide, to their best ability, the original purchase price, location of purchase and year of purchase. The List is then sent to the adjuster who has the items valued. The valuation process involves finding the original price of the item, the applying depreciation to find the current value of the item. The insurance company then pays the homeowner the depreciated value price for that item. If the homeowner is to then purchase an item of “like-kind or quality” to the depreciated item, they turn in their receipts to the insurance company. The insurance company will then pay the difference from the depreciated value to the original purchase price.

Our loss inventory specialists will photograph all items; create a detailed list with as much information as possible – physical description, size, brand, model and serial numbers, and location within your home or office. This list is categorized and alphabetized on an easy to read printout and provided to both you and an insurance provider to have for your records.

Total loss lists are extremely important to both you and your insurance adjuster. They allow the adjuster to see your actual losses in a detailed fashion so they can begin the process of reimbursing you for your personal property losses. They are also significant to you as they provide a valuable starting point in allowing you to see what you will need to replace in order to get your regular life back on track.

Once your total loss list has been approved by both you and your insurance adjuster, we can then remove all total loss items and dispose of them properly. This process is called debris removal. Our specialistscan also take care of all the transportation and disposal of contaminated items or items posing a health hazard.

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