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The Contents Specialists helps different types of customers.


Adjusters enjoy utilizing our service because we are detail-oriented and provide high quality Room Image Reports, Detailed Scope Sheets, Scanned Forms, Digitized Documentation and Inventories, Xactimate standard pricing, and link to the job file in our project management system. Adjusters are traditionally very busy with a variety of claim types and issues, and we know their time is valuable, so we like to provide them all the relevant information they would need to know in order to quickly and confidently approve our service and allow us to provide the homeowner with the specialized contents services they deserve.


Insurance Carriers have found that utilizing our company has ensured a more precise analysis of the damages created by the incident that enacted a claim. With the technical knowledge and advanced cleaning capabilities, our company has been able to clean, test, and restore more items in a traditional loss, which saves them money on the reimbursement of non-salvageable items.


There are a variety of commercial industries that utilize our services to ensure quality contents services in their restoration, upgrade or moving of commercial properties. With the ability to move large machinery, dismantle and rebuild cubicles and capacity for large work; our company has been a benefit to many commercial insurance claims.

  1. Hospitals
  2. Businesses
  3. Hotels/ Motels/ Temporary and Long-term Living Facilities
  4. Government Facilities


During the process of restoration at a homeowner’s property, there are so many things going through the homeowner’s mind that it’s only sensible to provide them peace of mind regarding their personal property.

Residential insurance claims are one aspect of contents restoration we deal with all the time. We work closely with many contractors, adjusters and property management companies who utilize our service because we specialize in the contents pack-out, inventory, cleaning repair and resetting of those items. The Homeow­­ner’s of these properties maintain a better sense of comfort with the knowledge that our company specializes in professionally handling their possessions. A Homeowner’s main goal during an insurance claim is to get their property back together so they can go on living their normal day-to-day, our customers are able to have a sense of comfort with the knowledge that their personal property is safe during the structural repair process.