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As hospitals are areas that require the most cleanly and bacteria-free workspace, it is highly beneficial for them to utilize Contents Restoration companies whenever they have a fire, water, or mold instance. Traditionally, hospitals will utilize their in-house staff to package, move and clean the items during a floor renovation or water, fire, mold instance; but this can cause a variety of problems. Traditionally hospitals do not have a great deal of expendable staff who take the time to perform these services. If they do have time, then training on how to properly take care of things like: dismantling and rebuilding cubicles, or proper storage techniques were not trained to them. To minimalize re-contamination, and to ensure their staff is utilized properly to the tasks they are trained it; it’s best for hospitals to call in The Contents Specialists to properly handle their necessitates. We work with a variety of contractors who perform hospital work whom prefer to bring in The Contents Specialists to ensure the job is done correctly.


It is crucial for businesses to maintain ability to work during the restoration process of their structural property. Our company has been able to provide Business Relocation services in order to enable them to continue work with little interruptions. We are able to set up and network the computers at a different location or at an on-site mobile work area. Our staff is knowledgeable in removing, testing, repairing and setting-up office electronics. We have capabilities to remove cubicles and reset them where the new location requires. We offer Document drying and Freeze-drying services in case documents have damaged due to water and the information is important.

If your business needs a professional company to perform any of the services above, please feel free to reach out and our Scheduling Coordinator will get an inspector to your property in short order.

Temporary & Long-term Living Facilities

When people are moved into, or out of temporary living facilities, it is beneficial to have a company who will inventory and digitally document the whereabouts of their possessions. Traditionally not all items are able to come with them to the location so having a physical and digital inventory, with photos, allows them to have comfort that their personal possessions are safely stored and accessible. In the instance where the owner of the items has passed away, it’s beneficial for the benefactors to have all of the items boxed up, inventoried and with photographs to ensure they can access necessary items and store the rest until later sorting is desired.

Government Facilities

When Deployment time comes there are a lot of on-site bases that need to safely remove and store the contents of the home. Our company inventories, packages and removed these items to a secure storage to wait for the owner’s return. We provide a binder with photos detailing which items are in each box, and we label the boxes to associate which box is in which room. This is very beneficial to the armed forces because these items are concisely catalogued for easy understanding when they return. Also, if duty has ended or they are stationed in another location; we can set up the storage for shipping to the new location.

We hire ex-military employees at our company. We believe they have the best training to systematically follow the procedures and protocols we utilize for the various aspects of our services.