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As a contractor we understand that your expertise lies in repairing all aspects of the structure, from board-up to dry-out to demo to reconstruction, you are a certified contractor to perform these services, and you do a good job of it. We also understand that the people you hire to perform demolition work, framing and recon are not thoroughly trained in contents pack-out, inventory, cleaning and repair; and sometimes this can cause problems with the homeowner and their contents. It is our pleasure to provide the contents restoration work, to allow you to focus primarily on the major structural aspects of the claim. We take on the liability, work with the homeowner regarding their personal possessions, move the items out of your way so you can perform your tasks, and put it all back once your aspect is completed. The homeowner is happy because the damages to their items have been minimalized by a company you referred. Your workers are happy because they no longer have to perform intricate inventories and pack-outs. And you, the contractor, is happy because all aspects of the restoration process went smoothly and the contents portion was handled correctly, making you look good to the homeowner and adjuster.

In addition to relieving all of the stress of contents restoration from you and your workers, we also remove the stress of having competitors hone in on your accounts. As a contents specific company, we’re here to work side-by-side with you whenever you need us, and we’ll never try to compete with you in the services you perform. You can call us with the peace of mind that all we want to do is perform professional, quality contents services and not try to leave with your clientele; in fact, because you were our reference for the job, we will sing praises of your restoration capabilities and the experiences we’ve had with you, which can help the adjuster get a second opinion when analyzing your company for further work. All we want to do is take the liability off of your shoulders and perform the contents services to their necessary protocol.