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There is nothing more displacing than having the home you worked so hard to obtain, decorate and maintain be turned into a construction site. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a necessary evil; what isn’t necessary is for further damage to happen to your personal property during the structural repair process. Contractors have a variety of workers, who perform a variety of tasks; however we feel that your personal property needs a softer touch, and should be handled by specialists who are trained and experienced to perform the job professionally and correctly.

We at The Contents Specialists understand your worries and the sentimental value you hold for your personal property. This is why we hire trained specialists who are able to properly analyze your contents for hazardous environmental influences, correctly inventory the to ensure re-compensation, professionally package and remove the items from the affected area, clean the items to industry standard to ensure no re-contamination of harmful influences, and replace the items to their original location within the property.